June 13, 2020

Some things to try if you have the pandemic blues

We all get in bad moods (my family could tell you when I am in a bad mood), but ever since quarantine/ social distancing began, these moods have become more frequent and more polarised - at least for me. Here are some things that I have used to cheer me up during this period.

1. The Baby Fever Trend on Social Media

Okay, this might sound like the most stupid think to do, and if you’re not a fan of babies I wouldn’t recommend, but, I love babies, so this is the trend for me. Just kids are so cute, and when I am a little depressed about the world around me, looking at adorable kids smiling and laughing is the best thing to do. So if you are feeling down, just go onto Instagram or Tik Tok and find videos of adorable babies to brighten up your day.

2. Order a good new book

Any good new book gets me in a better mood, especially when I can drop real life to sit and binge-read it (yes, I know it is usually binge-watch but you can also binge-read). But, during this quarantine I have been gravitating towards the fantasy or dystopian genres. In this period of uncertainty, I feel as though sometimes being transported away from this world can make you feel so much better. So if your feeling a little sick of this world, then pick up a book and let yourself be transported to another.

3. Trivia night with friends

This has been one of the sure things to put me in a fantastic mood for days. We have done trivia rounds on everything from Science to School Gossip and they have always been a good laugh and maybe a little too competitive. I love being a part of organising and participating in these quizzes. Bonus points if you can sync up the drinks you are having or the cuisine.

4. Set up a proper movie and/or games night

Again, a film that will transport you away from this world is, of course, ideal, but any will do. And I don’t just mean ‘hey let’s go watch a film’ I mean snacks and a pre-chosen film at a certain time etc. Same goes with game night, choose the games before hand and the teams and have a prize. To me, all these things just make it feel like a special occasion and makes me smile just a little more. It helps, if your family/ whoever you’re living with is as competitive as mine are.

5. Bake or Cook

This might sound insanely obvious because every grocery store seems to be out of baking goods because so many people are baking, but I thought it was worth a mention. It’s a win-win, you get to have fun cooking or baking and afterwards you get to eat what you make!

6. Take Buzzfeed quizzes

Okay, this again might sound so silly. But, these stupid quizzes with little logic and silly results always manage to put me in a good mood, so I would really recommend just to try it out.

Here are five things that I do when I am feeling a little down or just not in a great mood, I would really recommend trying during this period. I hope this puts you all in a good mood this week.

Xx Hannah