About Hannah

I have always struggled with introductions. If you take a look around this website (which I hope you all do) you will quickly realise that I have the inability to fit in a single box. In a nutshell, my mum is Singaporean (ethnically Chinese and Indonesian) and my dad is Irish. I was born in Washington DC but only lived there for 8 months before moving to Hong Kong. Although I spent most of my childhood in the ex-pat community in Singapore I have lived just outside of London for the last two years. 

I love to spend my free time playing contact rugby and horse riding. Both these sports have allowed me to travel around the world, another passion of mine. My academic interests lie in History, Politics and Education. As a result, I have been lucky enough to intern with the political risk firm AKE as well as do independent research for others. I created this blog to share the experiences that I am so grateful to have and the podcast ‘Lunch with Aunty’ to share the stories of the incredible people I get to interact with.

Why Lunch with Aunty?

‘Lunch with Aunty’ is a podcast in which I interview people in a variety of fields each successful in their own way and really ask the questions ‘what do you do?’ and ‘how did you get there?’

Whenever I am back in Singapore my mum always says that I have to meet with Aunty so and so or Uncle so and so to figure out and understand what they do. I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by brilliant, successful people throughout my childhood, but I always found it easy to just know, ‘she’s in oil’ or ‘she’s a banker’, rather than ask actual questions to these exceptional people.

I am now, as a seventeen-year-old, getting to the stage where I need to decide what my first career is going to be, and I thought a good place to start is figuring out what the people around me actually do and I thought why not make these lunches educational not just for myself but for others.